Jana Renner
Jana Renner


CF Level 1

Precision Nutrition Science & Practice of Macros Certification

Bachelor of Arts in International Business & Economics

Owner and Nutrition Coach

Jana Renner

I started CrossFit a little over 7 years ago with a simple goal of toning up a little.  Now several years later, I Co-own a gym and I am a coach!   I’ve always been active and sports have played a large role in my life.  I played soccer throughout my childhood and into college at West Virginia University, and I was a long-distance runner after college.  I’ve run more races than I can count including several Disney races, a few terrain races, and the full Marathon in Athens, Greece.

I found a love for Nutrition coaching when I started working on my own fitness goals.  As a former student-athlete myself, I really enjoy working with kids to improve at their individual sports whether it's through strength and conditioning training or through teaching them how to properly fuel their bodies to perform, or even both!  I love seeing them move a weight they never thought they could or when they come in and tell me they felt great after their tournament because they finally ate properly!