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February 27, 2020

Perfection over progress?

It is common that we strive for perfection is most of our endeavors. But the problem is that perfection is this mythical thing, never really seen by human eyes. And while the chase of perfection is not a bad thing (it really is what we should be working toward), we must realize that it is an endless journey. In this journey, we have to make sure we don't sacrifice progress in the search for perfection.A great example of this is when someone starts CrossFit and is learning a new movement. Usually when we first get into weightlifting we will see a new member saying something like this:

"Coach, can you watch me snatching and tell me if I'm doing something wrong?"

The answer is YES, YOU ARE DOING MANY THINGS INCORRECTLY. But let me tell you a secret, in the first 6 month of your snatching experience you did not complete a single perfect snatch. And even though there were a handful of things mechanically wrong with your snatch, the goal was just for you to take that bar overhead in one movement. After you got comfortable with that, then we can start to fine tune it. And you will spend the rest of your athletic career fine tuning your movements.Maybe you haven't done a really good snatch yet. But that is not what is important. What's valuable is that you've made a lot of progress since your first snatch. And in this process you've gained strength, mobility, coordination, balance, accuracy, power, and many other fitness characteristics. Perfection is an end goal, progress is how you walk toward it.Do you know how likely it is that a gymnast gets a perfect score? Or that a weightlifter PRs in competition? While they are all striving for perfection, progress is what gives them motivation. Similarly, we should focus on progress and turn our fitness into a journey to perfection. To reach a goal, we must be present and focus on where we are.Don't get caught up on trying to be perfect in everything you do, because perfect is unattainable. Chase progress, improvement and empowerment. It is more important for you to do something and do it with mistakes (and as coaches we will guide you, keep you safe and efficient) than not do anything because of the fear that it won't be perfect.If you need help figuring out how to progress, come chat with one of your Celebration CrossFit coaches today!by Coach Matt


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