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February 18, 2021

Failures are Part of the Process

Failures happen to everyone. Feeling frustrated and discouraged at first is normal, but what you do after is what matters. They happen because of different reasons. Whatever they were, the truth is that nobody likes to fail. However, failures are powerful and necessary. They should be considered a tool of improvement because they give you the chance of building resilience. Not getting what you aimed for should be considered a good tool for improvement. It is okay to be pissed off at first after failing, however, it is essential to understand the reason why it happened, and how to fix it. Failures mostly happen because of weaknesses that should be improved. There is always room to grow. Overcoming challenges will make you become a better you. Failing is also powerful because it gives the chance for your mind and body to build resilience. However, it will only happen if you don’t give up. If you work on what made you fail, and overcome it as some point, you will become more confident, and prove to yourself that your body is capable of doing things that it couldn’t do before.The way you think about failing is the difference between giving up or bouncing back, from being frustrated. We all have failed and we all are going to fail a thousand more times. That’s how it should be. Keep failing. Failures are part of the process. If you want help working through your weaknesses let any of the coaches at Celebration CrossFit know, we are here to Giovanna

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