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May 28, 2020

Find Your New Normal In 3 Steps

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind. Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to find a new normal with all the chaos in the world around us? The biggest thing that we are all facing one way or another is the need to find your new normal. For every person, the new normal will look different, but we all have the same goal of wanting some normalcy in the midst of chaos around us. Even though things in Central Florida are starting to open up, we are still not back to the way we were before. Keeping that in mind, I want to give 3 Steps To Finding Your New Normal:


1. You Need A Plan

You are probably saving time not having to drive to work. Whether you are working or not, you need to create a schedule for yourself. You need to schedule your meals, workouts, time for work, and self-care. It’s essential to create a schedule and map out what you want to accomplish for the day. Otherwise, you will find yourself mindlessly wasting the day away. If you find yourself forgetting to eat or venturing into the kitchen too often, try scheduling out your meals and snacks. Even though you are working from home, you should create a plan to prep and portion your meals to help you stay on track with your nutrition.

2. Find An Accountability Partner

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Is your roommate or significant other a positive or negative influence on helping you stay healthy? If you lack someone who is a positive influence around you, it’s time to reach out to a friend (or few) virtually. Now, more than ever, you need a connection with a community of people who will help you stay healthy! If you surround yourself with people who are a positive influence, it will be easier for you to have the support you need to stay healthy!

3. Take Action & Track Your Progress

Taking action is the most critical piece of the puzzle. We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, but if we don’t take action, we will never achieve the results. You do not need to change everything at once. We recommend the opposite. Think about ONE thing that you will commit to and keep yourself accountable to that by tracking your process. You don’t need anything fancy. Grab a post-it note and write your goal on it, keep track of your progress and celebrate once you reach your goal!Finding a new normal when there is chaos around you isn’t easy. First, you need to start with a plan. From there, you need to surround yourself with a community that is a positive influence around you. Lastly, you need to take action. Don’t try to change everything — just focus on one habit at a time. Focus on what you can control and turn this obstacle into an opportunity to invest in yourself and stay healthy! Here at Celebration CrossFit we are open and ready to help you find a new normal. Reach out to any of the coaches with any questions, we are happy to help.Coach Keren


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